Meet Our Team

Red-tail Staff

Julie Borgmann

Julie Borgmann

Interim Director
Julie Borgmann is the Interim Director for Red-tail Land Conservancy. Her passion is connecting people to nature for conservation and wellbeing.
Micayla Jones

Micayla Jones

Stewardship Director
Micayla Jones is the Stewardship Director for Red-tail Land Conservancy. Her passion is wildlife conservation and learning about natural systems.
Barry Banks

Barry Banks

Founder and Director Emeritus
Barry Banks is the Founder and Director Emeritus for Red-tail Land Conservancy. Barry is passionately dedicated to preserving, protecting and restoring natural areas and farm land.
Ben McIntosh

Ben McIntosh

Administrative Assistant
Benjamin McIntosh is the Administrative Assistant at Red-tail Land Conservancy. His passions are conservation, advocacy, and living ethically in our environment.

Board of Directors

Michael Galliher – President
CEO-Boyce/ Keystone/Komputrol

Bill Buskirk, Ph.D. – Vice President
Retired Professor, Earlham College

Dennis Nixon – Treasurer

Sheryl Myers – Recorder
Retired Science Teacher, Anderson Community Schools

Dick Brock, CPA
Consultant, Whitinger & Company

John Craddock
Retired Director Emeritus, Bureau of Water Quality, Muncie

Jud Fisher
Board of Directors, Ball Brothers Foundation

Jack Henricks
Owner, Schleyer Pump Co.

Blake Janutolo, Ph.D.
Professor, Anderson University

Stanley Keil, Ph.D.
Retired Professor, Ball State University

Ray Montagno, Ph.D.
Retired Professor, Ball State University

Rich Nicholson
Retired, Indiana-American Water, Co.