Red-tail Conservation Awards Presented

The Timothy McBride “Friend of the Land” Award goes to a dreamer, risk taker, and warrior for the land and critters who live on it, Mr Barry Banks. Barry is the founder and Director Emeritus of Red-tail Land Conservancy. Red-tail’s accomplishments over the last 20 years are a direct result of his vision, bull dog determination, and countless hours of work.  He has been the face and voice of conservation in east-central Indiana, speaking and singing for the trees. It is an honor to recognize his years of service with the “Friend of the Land” award.  

The Byron Torke “Outstanding Volunteer” Award was presented Mr. John Taylor. John is the BSU Land Manager for the Field Station and Environmental Education Center.  Present at the first meeting 20 years ago, John consistently seems to be the guy who says, “how can I help,” when most others would surely say, “I don’t have the time.” Because of this, he has created an impeccable reputation around the community.  He has served as a mentor and advisor for Red-tail’s land management staff, collaborator and partner for burns and restoration work, and all around advocate in the community for Red-tail. John is genuine, humble, generous, and exceptionally hard working, Red-tail and the land are indebted to him for his service.