Dutro-Ernst Woods Acquisition is Complete!

Earlier this month, Red-tail closed on a 16 acre property, Dutro-Ernst West. This acquisition joins Dutro-Ernst East to complete a 33 acre site on Kilgore Avenue in Muncie, Indiana known as Dutro-Ernst Woods! The next step for this land project is to begin restoring the 33 acres to a natural area. Ball State University Natural Resource and Environmental Management students worked under Dr. Josh Gruver to develop a management plan for this property. Following that management plan, Red-tail will eradicate invasive species, restore a prairie and woods, and construct a trail system and parking lot. Dutro-Ernst Woods will be open to the public in 2016.

Thank you to our patrons who allowed for this acquisition to be completed: Geoff & Josie Fox, Augusto & Karen Dasilva, as well as the Bicentennial Nature Trust.