For those of you out there that love viewing animals, but don’t have the time to go out in the field,  we have found just the thing for you.  By clicking the image below you can view footage from a live webcam that shows a bald eagle nest.

The nest is in Washington, D.C, on the Metropolitan Police Academy grounds. The eagle parents have been making this area their home for several years now.  In the video you will get to see the parents interacting with their two chicks.  They sometimes bring back fish from the nearby Anacostia River, and usually there is at least one parent with the chicks in the nest. The webcam for this project was provided by National Geographic and is hosted on their website.

If after viewing this webcam you are inspired to try and see some eagles in our own area, you can try visiting Prairie Creek Reservoir where there is a known nesting pair of bald eagles. You can also sign up for the Red-tail Annual Bird-a-thon where we spend time bird watching. Hope you enjoy the webcam!

Eagle Webcam