They are unprotected, and they are disappearing.
You look at open, undeveloped space and
wonder, "Will it be gone before the next
generation gets to see it?"

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Red-tail protects over 2700 acres of natural areas
and farm land in east central Indiana. Many of
these areas are open to the public offering nature
trails and wildlife viewing opportunities.

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The Red-tail Land Conservancy plans for
a future where the natural beauty of
east central Indiana still exists.

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We continue to find high quality natural areas and working lands worthy of preserving for future generations.


We offer landowners numerous conservation options with which they can protect their land from future development.


We plant native trees and eradicate acres of aggressive, non-native species in order to maintain wildlife habitat in east central Indiana.

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I Brake for Turtles

I Brake for Turtles

Indiana has 18 native species and subspecies of turtles. Most spend their time in the shallow waters along rivers and ponds. One stands out among them, the Eastern Box Turtle. It is terrestrial, one of the few that lives mainly on land. Found from southern Maine to Georgia, its numbers are in decline in the Midwest....

2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Since our inception in 1999, Red-tail has been working to preserve and protect places that people in east-central Indiana need and love. Started by a group of concerned community members, the Red-tail family has grown exponentially over the years. The number of permanently protected natural areas and farm-land has also grown.  

Our History

From left to right: front row--Hunter Banks; middle row--Brian Gordy, Barry Banks, Helen Steussy, Diana Torke; back row--Ron Bonham, Dennis Pickens, Hugh Brown, Amy Kress, Charles Mortensen, Sheryl Myers, Timothy McBride, and Ron Gyure.
From left to right: front row–Hunter Banks; middle row–Brian Gordy, Barry Banks, Helen Steussy, Diana Torke; back row–Ron Bonham, Dennis Pickens, Hugh Brown, Amy Kress, Charles Mortensen, Sheryl Myers, Timothy McBride, and Ron Gyure.

Red-tail Land Conservancy preserves, protects, and restores natural areas and farm land in east central Indiana while increasing awareness of our natural heritage. Focused on this mission in five counties in east central Indiana, the not-for-profit land trust has grown steadily since its inception in 1999 when a public meeting held at Minnetrista Cultural Center in Muncie attracted 87 people.

Funded entirely by private contributions from individuals, business, and foundations, RLC hired a full-time Executive Director and recorded its first conservation easement in July, 2000. In its first decade, Red-tail Land Conservancy has provided land conservation options to individual landowners and partnered with local governments in restoration projects while engaging students and adult volunteers in land stewardship activities and education.

As a result, over 2700 acres of natural areas and farm land are permanently protected, and Red-tail Land Conservancy receives growing support and recognition for its role in improving east central Indiana.

Supported in part by:

Ball Brothers Foundation
George and Frances Ball Foundation
The Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware Co., Inc.
Henry County Community Foundation