They are unprotected, and they are disappearing.
You look at open, undeveloped space and
wonder, "Will it be gone before the next
generation gets to see it?"

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natural areas


Red-tail protects over 2700 acres of natural areas
and farm land in east central Indiana. Many of
these areas are open to the public offering nature
trails and wildlife viewing opportunities.

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The Red-tail Land Conservancy plans for
a future where the natural beauty of
east central Indiana still exists.

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for The Land


We continue to find high quality natural areas and working lands worthy of preserving for future generations.


We offer landowners numerous conservation options with which they can protect their land from future development.


We plant native trees and eradicate acres of aggressive, non-native species in order to maintain wildlife habitat in east central Indiana.

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Being in, on or near water is good for you

Being in, on or near water is good for you

I enjoy vacationing at the beach as well as in the mountains, but I need to live near water. It doesn’t have anything to do with an apocalyptic view of a drought-stricken world or rising ocean levels destroying property values. It has everything to do with the way being on, in or in view of water makes me feel.

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