Red-tail Land Conservancy- Celebrating 20 Years of Conservation


Photo Contest Rules

It’s our 20th anniversary! In celebration, we will have four seasonal photo contests. Shoot a seasonal photograph at one of our properties and enter it here. The image with the most votes will win and receive a prize of a framed print of the winning photo, courtesy of Jack’s Camera Shop and Gordy Fine Art and Framing Co. You can submit up to three photos. Uploaded images are subject to a moderation process before becoming visible on the contest page.

Please remove large watermarks, signatures, or copyright notices first. Basic editing, like color adjustment, filters, and cropping are acceptable, but not advanced manipulations of the image, like adding or removing significant elements.

By submitting an image to the contest, you understand and agree that:

1) Red-tail Land Conservancy has a royalty-free right to use, display, and reproduce the image in media such as website, social media, exhibitions, and presentations. The photographer will be credited.

2) You warrant that each image is your original work which you alone own the copyright and rights to reproduce without violating the rights of any third party.

3) Red-tail Land Conservancy is not liable for lost, late, misdirected, stolen or incomplete submissions, nor errors, omissions, deletions, technical problems, or alterations of submitted images.

4) Red-tail Land Conservancy reserves the right to correct typographical, printing, computer programming, or operating errors.

5) If the contest can’t be conducted as anticipated with security, fairness, and integrity, or due to computer technical issues, viruses, or fraud, we have the right to cancel, modify or suspend the contest, disqualify a participant, and/or select winners from eligible photos submitted prior to cancellation/modification/suspension.