Volunteers are the engine that helps Red-tail keep accomplishing its mission

Returning students, employees, and a steady weekly crew have been working hard to preserve and restore nature preserves. Ball State University staff participating in the United Way event spent an entire day of caring at Munsee Woods removing bush honeysuckle.

I can feel the stress leaving my body as I walk down the lane to the woods!

The morning they came to volunteer a downed ash tree prevented the volunteers from driving down the lane to the work area. One BSU staff member claimed “I can feel the stress leaving my body as I walk down the lane to the woods!” A BSU Environmental Ethics Class spent several afternoons lending a hand to the land.

The class continued the work of invasive species removal at Red-tail Nature Preserve that has been lead by BSU professor Jen Rowland for several years. We are very fortunate to have a dependable crew of volunteers who work in the field every Friday with Stewardship Director Micayla Jones. With over 2,600 acres to preserve and protect, the impact that our stewardship volunteers have is invaluable to us.

Interested in getting your hands a little dirty and making some friends working in the woods?
Give us a call, or sign up to volunteer—we’ll be happy to have you join us!